Friday, February 19, 2016

Slob's Life Set by Sandy

More Trellis, Less Ivy by JoolsSimming

Thierry Mugler Spring 2016 by Judie

Casual Whole Page 7

TS3 Supernatural Fairy Bedroom, Living and Dining Conversions by Daer0n

Food Delivery for your Sims! v1.1 - 2/19/2016 Update by simmythesim

Are your sims terrible cooks? FoodLlama provides two new services for your sims, Order Food and Order Gourmet Food.

These two new services deliver food to your sims!

House 16 by Bangsain

Curtains by Sjane4prezcc

Updated S4PE 0.4.3

Assorted fixes and updates by CmarNYC, Buzzler, pbox, Inge Jones

UPDATE:  2/19/16
Some more small fixes to 0.4.3-beta, but those are mostly just internal cleanup. See below for a list of all updates since 0.3c (excerpts; see the beta release notes for full details).

Contributors: CmarNYC, Inge Jones, Buzzler, pbox; see the commits for details.

To post feedback you can use this thread at mts.

Use 7zip to uncompress the binary, it will likely not work otherwise.

Changelog since 0.3c:


Fixed CatalogCommon issue with additional byte in AuralProperties v4 (affected CCOL and COBJ); CatalogCommon is now version 0xB by default
Fixed CLIP issues with creating new instances, fixed bug in resource write
Updates, edits, additions:

New wrappers for THUM (_THM) 0x16CA6BC4 / TMLT 0xB0118C15
Read/ReadOnly file open dialog overhaul
png import/export options added for 0xE254AE6E, 0xE18CAEE2, 0x16CCF748
MTBL updated from updated EA template
Updated Extensions.txt ( = fewer UNKN)
Stray headers updated

Feedback at Mod The Sims
Thanks Plasticbox

K Ich Factory Beds – 7 Bedframes & 21 Beddings – volumes 1, 2, 3 by Blackgryffin

TS3 Artemis Norwood Hair Conversion by EbonixSimblr

TS2 HelgaSims Kitchen and Dining Set Conversion by Daer0n

Simplest Lips by Stefizzi

Mega Budget (Extra DeLite) Doors by Plasticbox