Monday, August 22, 2016

Plants Galore by LinaCherie

Pecan Bedroom Set by Dean

IKEA Inspired ÄPPLARÖ Bar Height Tables by Veranka

Blinds Recolors by Oldbox

IKEA Mini Set by MXIMS

World Name Changer by OhMySims404

This is a mod that enables you to easily rename worlds to your liking.

NOTE: The worlds that were created BEFORE installing this mod WILL NOT be affected by the mod. Thus, in order to rename your worlds you have to (1) install this mod first and then (2) create a new save. (Plus, the new names will still remain the same even after you delete the mod.) And guess what, taking advantage of the restriction, we can give all different names to the worlds in our different saves.

COMPATIBILITY: This mod shouldn’t conflict with any others. It is also very unlikely that this mod will be affected by the endless patches. The only occasion this mod has to be updated is when a new EP introduces a new world.

Delphina Dress in 18 Colors by Teanmoon

Porter Home Office by Lulu265

Lush Hair by Nightcrawler

Demure Skin for Males and Females by DangerouslyFreeJellyfish

Bathing Suit, V-Neck Tee and Bike Shorts in 46 Recolors by ThisIsDeeliteful

Thorns Hair Converted for Girls by Simiracle

Boombayah Hair by JakeaSims

Quotes Tattoos by OverkillSimmer

Lilah Dress by CakeWaffles

Overalls Recolors by Luna2Sims

Jumper in 15 Colors by ChocolateMuffinTop

Lady Bangs Hair by Birksches

Random T-Shirts by KiaraRawks

Free and Donation Hair by ButterflySims

Monochrome Hair Retexture by JenniSims

Wallpaper, Lot and More at BeautySims