Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Utopia Cafe - No CC by Jenba

Delilah Wardrobe by KiwiSims4

Twin Kids Bedroom Set by Severinka

Equinox Hair by SimplifiedSimi

Rustic Pizza by The Valerius Vaults

Angelica Bedroom Set by JomSims

Unemotional Trait by Tallydom

A trait for sims who have no emotions.

This is my first trait/mod for the Sims 4, and has been playtested. It was inspired by LaurenzSide's Yandere Simulator challenge, and I originally created this trait thinking it would be fitting for a Yandere character.

This trait basically disables all moods (Happy, Sad, Angry, Dazed, Flirty, etc.) and your Sim will stay as Fine.

This trait does NOT stop your Sim's needs from going down, but it does not affect them.

I literally hated this trait when I first developed it, because there were all the screenshots that I needed to take. In the end, I had to shrink down the main one, due to it being too big a file for Mod The Sims.

Industrial House - No CC by Missimis

Eyes and Lips by Tifa

Bowl Hair by Simduction

Get Together And Dine Out Furniture Sets Hider by tucatuc

TS3 Baby Bath Conversion by LenaSims1

Dress Recolors by Plumbbobbseytwins

Medium Center Part Hair Edit by CitronTart

Ladder to Heaven Hair Clayified by Grilled Cheese Aspiration

Lipstick and Eyes by Angissi

Damask Wallpaper by Tatschu

MJ95's Madlen Aston Boots

Hair for Females by Wings