Friday, June 3, 2016

Mod Repair Tool by Zerbu

The Sims 4 Patch: Breakdown of Buff Mods!

The latest patch has made a small change to the XML code used in buff files, renaming “gameplay_effect_modifiers” to “gameplay_effect_modifier” (note the lack of plural). In this small change, buffs that use the old name no longer work.

This means that gameplay modifiers, such as changes to need and skill rates, applied to buffs will no longer work. This includes the vast majority of custom traits.

I have updated both The Sims 4 Buff and Trait Factory and The Sims 4 Mod Constructor to accommodate the change. Although I’m no longer supporting BATF, I understand there are still some people who use it, so I didn’t want to leave those users in the dark. As for Mod Constructor, I’m still working on the new version simultaneously with the new version of Go to School, but for now, the old version is the only public one and has been updated.

Now, as for existing mods…

I have created a special tool that reads .package files and automatically performs a find-and-replace on buff resources. If you are a mod user, you can simply run the program and you’ll be able to use the mods again without redownloading anything (assuming that nothing else broke with the patch). If you are a mod creator, you can run the program and then reupload the package.

You can run the repair tool on multiple .package files at once. I recommend running it on every gameplay mod you have, to ensure that all the effects work properly.

Decorative Book Collection by Menaceman44

Âke Bathroom Set by MXIMS

Brown Bag Sandwich Shoppe Set by YourDorkBrains

Paintings, Doors and Dining Set by Oldbox and Chalipo

Baseball Hat for Kids by Kiara24

Balmain Men's Jackets by SimsBoutique

Mural Wallpaper by Keyla

June 2nd, 2016 Patch - Mod Conflicts

Here's a growing list of broken mods from the latest patch in this thread at Mod The Sims

Balance restored...

Fern Park House by Jenba

Monique Lhuillier Party Dresses by Judie

Whole Casual Page 10
Formal Page 4

Horizontal Pane Windows by OM

Nora Hallway Set by Alachie & Brick Sims

TS3 Scooter Conversion by EnureSims

No Auto Drinks/Auto Bar Order (Updated to include sinks!) and 6.2.16 Updated/Compatible Mods

Mod Description: Disables Sims intense thirst and stops them from constantly getting drinks.  This mod includes the cooler from GTW and bars (making and ordering drinks).

ADDED the sink water drinking introduced after the 6.2.16 patch.  Your Sims will no longer be obsessively guzzling tap water!

I was THIIIIS close to removing all their damn sinks!

Conflicts: Will conflict with any mod that alters the autonomous get drink interaction and the autonomous ordering and making of drinks at the bar.

Compatible Mods for the 6.2.16 patch

Accessory Tied Flannel Shirt Recolors by LifeSimmersCC

TS3 Graduation Outfit Conversion for Males and Females by Mathcope