Wednesday, November 12, 2014

David Sims Female Hair Conversions

Accessory Layered Shirt for Females by NewOne

No Deco Foundations by plasticbox

Paintings and Tutorial by LetichesPixels

Parquet Floors by Ladesire

Normal & Broken Teeth by EluneyDesign

Casual Drawstring Dress by JS Sims 4

Benito’s Books: A Bookshop Speakeasy by Sschansims

Garage Door Wallpaper by DearDaisySims

Side Parted Female Hair Mesh Edit by DaniParadise

Four Panel Wood Door Override by melbrewer367

Plaid Skirts for Girls and Jersey Shorts for Boys by DearDaisySims

Gorman Swimwear for Females by DearDaisySims

Teen Homework Fix by scumbumbo

This mod for The Sims 4 will fix the bug in The Sims 4 which causes teens to typically forget to pick up their homework once they have finished. The pick up action may still fail, but will do so with far less frequency. In testing I had teens do homework approximately 50 times (5 teens, 10 times each) and in each instance they picked up their homework and placed it in their inventory, even when cancelling the action or if another action was queued.

All other homework actions (children, make-up work and extra credit) already included the proper step of forcing the homework to be picked up and did not require any changes, so this is best classified as a bug fix.

Stylish Trench Coats and Valentino Sneakers for Males by Theyoungenzo