Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Medieval Windows by HistoricalSimsLife

Antique Stone Garden Set by Rope

BuffSumm's Lycon Living

Decorative Fruit by Sim4Fun

Laundry Set by Severinka

TS2 - OhBehave’s Ikea Inspired Dining and Eight-Three’s Breakfast Clutter Conversion by DreamTeamSims

Plain Thick Layers Shirt by NyGirl

The libraries in my game have severely lacked children. With this mod you'll now see more Children and Teens (as well as Young Adults) visiting the library (and the museum). You'll also see less Adults/Elders.

Changes I made to the resources:
-Increased the amount of library/museum "students" (Children/Teens/Young Adults) - Preferred age was set to Child.
-Decreased the amount of library/museum "readers" (Children-Elder)
-Removed the autonomy to "study homework" at the library. The reason I did this was because they would prefer to do this over the other library actions, plus when they did this they were doing it on the sidewalk over by the Jungle Gym Boat in Willow Creek.
-Added the autonomy for children to play with indoor objects at the library. *Note that this will not guarantee that they will*

MJ95's Madlen Mercredi Shoes

Chisami's Hippie Trash Skirt & Top Set

Mirake Clutter Conversions by Mio

Inabadromance That 60's Chair Recolors by Unbichobolita

Lavender House by Frau Engel

Separated Studio Equity Track Kit Light by Roundog

Bomber Jacket for Females by CallieV

Exam Gloves Unlocked by Daluved1