Monday, September 29, 2014

Simaniacos MedWavySwepSoft Mesh Edit and Retextures

Individual Game Piercings for Males and Females by LumiaLover Sims

New Piercings by The77sims3

Colores Urbanos Vintage Cat Eye Glasses

Mask Mod: Wear Objects as Masks and Hats by TwistedMexi

Wedding Inspired Dresses by Inabadromance

Oxford Shirts Retexture by Am1253

Smaller 59 Color Version of 95 Skin Overlay Colors for Children and Adults

Gardener and Barista Outfits by Snaitf

Asymmetrical Skirt by Fuyaya

Animal Print Underwear by HugeLunatic

Tartan Sweats Recolors by Cowplantsinspace

Default Replacement Maxi Dresses by Bonehildastreasurechest

Weekend Housekeeping by Lodakai

This is a very simple XML tuning mod that allows for housekeeping services on weekends.
Since Housekeeping frequently wastes a lot of time, I have reduced their hourly wages to compensate and increased the up front cost for balance.
They will also arrive an hour earlier than before.

Compatibility - Only 1 xml file tuned - situations.service_npcs.service_npc_tuning
Should work with anything that does not alter Housekeeping service costs, or hours of operation.

Will consider tuning based on feedback.

Elegant Dresses by Sims4Ego

TokiDoki Shirts for Girls by Niteskkysims

Polka Dot Skirts by Opabo99

Mr. Proper/Clean by Nowa2000

Grand Theft Auto V Inspired Shirts by SnarkySims

Gold & Silver Tops for Females by VoidSims

Demonic Neck Tattoo for Males & Females by DecayClownSims

Old Town - Nothern Europe by SimsDelsWorld