Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Alice & Olivia Dresses by Altus Sims

Clothing for Adult Females by SimplyMorgan

Buzzed Up Black Roots Part 2 by Sqquaresims

Default Replacement Freckles by Bienchen83

Fishnet Gloves and Fishnet Dress - by luckyoyo

IMPORTANT: Color Magic packages need to be re-created for the released game!

The various mesh IIDs for outfits have changed between when the CAS Demo was released and when the full game preloaded!

This means that the recolored items from the CAS Demo will NOT WORK on the full game. You will need to download Color Magic 0.5.0 or later and choose The Sims 4 from the dropdown and recreate the packages for your items.

You should be able to simply re-import the texture files into these new packages (be sure to use the new UNKN entries so the instance numbers don't change!)

If you don't have Color Magic 0.5.0 or later, please download it here

The Sims Forums

One Piece and Muscle Tank for Females by Alazarrazr

1 - 2

Default JellEyes by Simtry

Lazy Oaf Shirt Set 1 by Sims4Sweatshop

Updated Hair by Sqquaresims

Leta - 1br/1ba Unfurnished Starter by FarfalleSims

Sims 4 Non-Default Eyes by EndlessLaziness

Clothing and Shoes Recolors for Males by Bienchen83

T-Shirts for Males & Females by Brainstrip

14 Non Default Light Brown Facial Hair Recolors by SimplyMorgan

Default Replacement Eyes by Seventhecho

Clothing and Shoes Recolors by Bienchen83