Friday, May 29, 2015

Industry Exhibition Living Set by Rope

Earrings by S-Club

TS3 - Japanese Living Conversions by LeanderBelgraves

Faster Social Gain From Chatting (in person) by simmythesim

Do your sims reminisce about the old Sims 3 days when just talking for 5 sim minutes gave you a full social bar? Well reminisce no more! This mod changes how fast how much social is gained from chatting in person to two flavors, double or triple social. Pick one as you can't have both.

Chisami's Downtown Magnolia Shops

Body Freckles for Males & Females by PolygonDolls

Alesso, Nightcrawler and Skysims Retexture by NiteSkkySims

Framed Icons by WSims

DylanArcadia Classic Hipster - GTW Hair Edit for Males

Heartwood Plank Flooring - Floor Recolors by Veranka

Candy Bars by BlackLe

Lulu265's Port Bedroom Set

More Staff at Hospital by An_dz

If there was one thing I noticed right when I entered the Hospital the first time was the lack of staff. Especially after visiting the police department where there are more officers than the whole sim nation.

Seriously, one doctor, one nurse and one assistant, that's all the staff at the hospital. What are the sim politicians thinking of? Where are the sims on the streets demanding for a better health care system?

Well, this mod will install a new governor that demands for all small local hospitals to have at least 2 doctors and 4 nurses or orderlies. 

The new staff will continue to make their standard actions, so right now the mod just adds a little more life at the hospital. But I'm working on giving some more autonomous actions for them like admit patients to exam beds. (So far, only frustration)

Design Coffee Table by Sims4Luxury

10 gas pump recolours - Grunge Stuff - volume 1 & 2 by Blackgryffin

Deco Objects as Playable Toys by K9DB

Dresses by Pilar

Maxis Match Hair Retexture for Males & Females by Amarathinee