Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ancient Statues and Sculptures by Xelenn

Deadly Toddlers Mod by Studio Of Drama

This is a custom script mod so it shouldn't conflict with any other mods or override in-game Interactions/Animation
Interactions are 0% autonomous and Your toddlers will never perform them without user direction

"Deadly Toddlers" Mod contains 8 new interactions "Explained Down Below In The "Available Interactions" Tab"

This mod adds new "Buffs"
This mod contains new custom animations
Custom animations include sounds/voices/effects/lip syncing
Blood will come out of the sim's stabbed area & will have a stab wound once stabbed & toddlers will become bloody
You can kill whoever You want whenever You want "Except for the grim reaper because that would make all dead sims stuck"
Your toddler will enjoy killing other sims & instead of mourning or panicking they will clap happily
Toddlers who performed a mischief interaction will occasionally Twitch/Look At Bloody Knife/Ignite A Flameball until the assigned buff is over
This Mod doesn't require any additional packs & works with "BASE GAME"
Sims will react to the events in different ways according to the situation & will run away from the deadly toddler after performing any mischief interactions

Mary Edwardian Dress by Historical Sims Life

Carpet Floors by Natatanec

Custom Food Pancakes-With Ingredients 1 by Leniad

Lunella Hair by PlayWithLife

Accessories by NataliS

Hair by ColisWonderland

Long Bomber Jackets by Ooobsooo

Vivian Dress by ItsLeeloo

Hair for Girls by Birksches

Pampers Cruisers Diapers by kratoscheky

Toddler Poses by AHappyDay