Monday, December 14, 2015

Get Together Cute Jumpers Recolors for Kids by DeelitefulSimmer

A Set of Crafting Enhancement Mods for Author and Artist Sims by Coolspear1

Bestselling Authors

For those highly skilled writers, who have all the artsy, creative buyable traits, whose motives are all nice and high, and who have the Very Inspired emotional boost. If you have taken the time to prepare your sim before they sit down and write a book, then you are going to want a bestseller to be the end result. With this mod, it will always be so. Get your sim prepared and in the zone, both body and mind, and a next bestseller book is what you will see. No more pot luck. Just like real life, it's all about preparation.

Masterpiece Artwork

Exactly like bestselling authors, get your highly skilled, artistic sims in the zone, both body and mind, and a masterpiece artwork will always be the result. Preparation, preparation, preparation. The key to success.

Literary Digest

Because you are now such a famous, bestselling author, who is always prepared, the Literary Digest publishing house have decided to always keep their doors open for you. They would hate to lose such a fantastic novelist as you, so they will no longer keep you waiting a whole week. You can publish your bestselling books with them immediately without delay. After all, it is a business, right? "And we're in the business, of doing business, so let's do some business." (Richard Pryor - Brewster's Millions)

Licence Songs

Same as Literary Digest. You're a special kind of artist whom they cannot afford to delay. After all, the public demand your new stuff, and the silly producers cannot keep either them or you waiting around. Supply and demand in capitalist heaven. Licence your guitar, piano and violin music whenever you wish. You're that cool.

ButterflySims 052 Hair Retexture for Females by AveiraSims

Sheer Accessory Undershirt for Females in 26 Colors by StandardHeld

Protective Trait by DrewShivers

Love is powerful and some are willing to do absolutely anything for the one(s) in their heart. The unfortunate result of being protective at times is that the one that they love may become a little bothered or crowded. Good intentions are solely there and any protective person is only trying to help and ensure their loved one is safe. Easily angered at times and a bit too worrisome, protective sims cannot seem to go more than a few moments without their lover. But, with understanding, compassion and a little reassurance, it’s possible to snap them out of their stressful state.
Protective Sims:

No default mood
Need Decay
Social decays 13% faster
Energy decays 5% faster
Skill Gain
Learn the Logic skill 10% faster
Learn the Charisma skill 5% faster
Romantic relationships increase 10% faster
The Hot Headed, Romantic and Loner traits are active
Loners prefer few or a single strong bond over crowds

MJ95's Madlen Prato Dress

Rainbow No More Top for Boys and Girls by RobotFishes

TS2 Goth House by HarleyQuinn

Double Choker with Round Pendant by LoverettSims

Facial Hair by AlecaiSims

Wallpaper by Alelore

DOT's Glassco Lamp Set

Cropped Sweater for Females by PepperSims

Sweater and Skirt by Oldbox

Plants Conversions by Mio

BoxBrides Hair for Females, Long Tiered, Texturemed and More Hair by Birksches

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Fish and Food Cooler + Boots by Bienchen83

Lace Tights by LaLunaRossa