Thursday, January 21, 2016

Striped Dress by Rusty Nail

School Days Set by Noiranddarksims

Juice Blender by Plasticbox

TS3 Beach BBQ Conversion by SimPeople

Marimekko Tapestries & Rugs by HamburgerCakes

Sentate's Cornelia Boots

The Shining Carpet in 10 Colors by Velouriah

Smugglers Paradise Table with 39 Slots by OM

Backpacks by Marigold

Suboo Swimsuit for Females by Trillyke

TS2 Hanging Origami Crane by Meltingmagnetz

Limestone Tile Floors by LaLunaRossa

Hair and Facial Hair Retexture by SwirlGoodies

Movie Hangout Mirror Recolors by KitOnlyHuman

GT Joggers Converted for Girls by KiaraRawks

Space Nerd Trait by Staarchild

Space Nerds are, you guessed it, space nerds!

These sims are obsessed with the stars above and whatever may be lurking in them. They are fascinated by alien life and want to explore any other worlds they can find. They have a natural talent for all mental skills, but especially rocket science. Sometimes they may become Fascinated by Space, which means they ignore everything else but their love for space! They are true space fanboys/girls.

This trait works best with Get to Work installed because that EP includes aliens and Sixam

It will also work hand in hand with the UFO Investigator trait by r3m (totally subtle recommendation, honest)

Ade Darma Zella Hair for Females

Short & Sassy Hair for Females by SimCultureNation

Cutout Bodycon Mini Dress by ItsLeeloo

Head Wrap Recolors by GeekSims

Little Hearts Top in 8 Recolors by NoxY

Pastel Punk Set for Females by JS Sims 4

Movie Stuff Shirt Recolors for Males by Tacha75