Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Clubhouse Bunk Bed, Mattresses, Dining Set and More by 13Pumpkin

Some stuff is also for TS2, so be sure to download the right ones

Hair for Males by Wings

IKEA Bedroom Set by Natatanec

Vests by KismetSims

Basketball & Table Football fill social need & fun by LittleMsSam

i found it odd that playing Basketball & Table Football with others doesn't fill up social needs (and sometimes fun) so i made a small tuning mod which overrides the interaction for playing basketball & Table Football with others (2-4 players) so it fills the social need as well as fun.

Deadly Painting and Chair by Necrodog

Hello. I have finished these two deadly objects for your sims. A paint of death and a deadly electric chair.

The paint has a view option like other paints but if you sim stare enough to it, your sims dies of exhaust. Its available at decorative, paints

The chair function as a normal chair, but has an electrocution interaction that will kill yor sims. Its available at comfort, desk chairs.

The kill options are available for teen to elder sims unisex. Enjoy!

Prehistoric Loincloth Outfit for Women by Historical Sims Life

Apartment - No CC by Bangsain

Wallpaper by 19Sims4Blog

Julia Dress by Laupipi

Carryable Performance Stage by LittleMsSam

Custom Food Meats – With Ingredients 1 by Leniad

Blood drip-to-go, for your perfusion in hospital. by Séri

Baby Hairs by Daerilia

Alien Jammies by Poodsy

Autonomous Repairs, Trash Salvage, Collect Trash & Mop Puddles by LittleMsSam

Hello everyone,

since the "Updated version of Autonomous Repairs by mrclopes" mod is outdated and doesn't work anymore i made a tuning mod which overrides the interaction for repairing objects, scavenge in trash, collecting trash and mopping puddles which makes all those interactions autonomous.

It may take them a little while until they finally start repairing and they may get a little distracted now and then because repairing is sooo boring but they will actually finish their duty