Sunday, February 8, 2015

MJ95's Madlen Ariel Shoes

Face Highlighter for Males & Females by Tifa

Boxer Shorts and Basic Briefs for Teen - Elder Males by Rope

Outdoor Retreat Females Hair Recolors by PixelJewel

Canvas Loafers for Teen - Elder Females by PauleanR

Alesso Emilia Hair for Females

Decorative Food by Ladesire

New Trait: Barfly by danburite2

Yet another custom Trait from your good pal Danburite*, this time it's "Barfly", a Trait inspired by the sad, awful, sad disease of alcoholism, and also the loveable drunks on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as you can see from the screenshots.

After all, Sims love Juice. There's no use denying it. And admitting it is like 11 of the 12 steps right there.

* I'm not actually your pal, I don't even know you. But I'm very nice once you get to know me, and that's the important thing.

Trait Description:

"Barflies are characterized by their enthusiasm (although some might say "dependence") for Juice and Juice-related activities, but become Tense when they stop drinking: after all, there's always a chance that their cumulative hangover could literally kill them. They also gain Mixology faster than other Sims."

Stealthic Sleepwalking Maxis Match Retexture by Ashelene

Sim 4 face skin by Aika

Thanks Bradfvrds

Apex Dining Set by Ensimique

Military Jacket with V-Neck Tee by NyGirl

Zenezis Recolor Leopard Dress by ZeneZis

Chair Recolors by WoohooJuiceSimoleons