Thursday, May 19, 2016

TS3 Dress Me Up and Play Time Conversions by SimsLikeItHot

Shaggy Hair for Males and Females by Kijiko

TS2 Moxxa Sideboard Conversion by DinhaGamer

Kid Kraft Chaise Lounge by KiaraRawks

Rachel Hair for Females by BlogSimpleSimmer

Fornbro Table Set by ThePlumbobArchitect

Upper East Side District 1 by BeverlyHillsSims

Default Replacement Wedding Cake by Lovintree

Polaroids by LittleCakes

Rebel Trait by o0ohaleyo0o

Rebels tend to excel in the more less regulated areas of life. They progress faster in the Criminal career than other sims.
A Rebel sim has their ups and downs ranging from fury to overbearing confidence, those ups and downs aside these sims
Learn the mischief skill a lot faster than others. They love the guitar as one of their favourite outlets to vent their
angst and frustrations with the world and it's rules, therefore they tend to learn the guitar slightly faster than other
sims. These sims also tend to learn the handiness skill slightly quicker due to them preferring to do things on their own,
rather than have some one else do it or have a manual tell them how to do it. Rebels also increase their fitness skill slightly
quicker than others as well. This is because they prefer to stay fit so as to allow for more dangerous activities. ;P

Darth Vader Lamp by JoolsSimming

Replacement Baby Skin and Clothing by Mabra

Anto Surrender Hair Retexture by MarlieS

Paintings by Plumbobus

Tsminh3 Laura Hair for Females Clayified by WeepingSimmer

Two Piece Dress by Trillyke

Hair 1 for Females by Wings

Outfit and Dress by XPureSim

Baby Doll by SimsFashion01

Florence Hair Recolors for Females by Bobieplum