Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mid-Century Abode: Add-on Bedroom Set by Peacemaker ic

Kitchen Timers by Sandy

Whitby Dining Set by Angela

Magic Beans Apron Outfits by StandardHeld

David Jacket by MeeyouX

Crafting Enabler Mod by Andrew

This mod enables custom content craftable items in the in-game menus. Craftable items include things like food, drinks, paintings, woodworking sculptures, and more! It will work with any craftable item made to work with the crafting enabler. This new system does not require updates to the script in order to add new craftables. That means that people using it do not have to re-download the script each time someone makes a new craftable item. It also means that creators do not need to ask permission to create new craftables or join a group.

Tomb Raider Remnants Set by Noiranddarksims

TechnoGym Treadmill and Everlast Jump Rope by YumiaPlace

Shower Curtain Recolors by BLewis

TS3 Modern Bed Conversion by Annett

Tyra Hair by Nightcrawler

TS3 Nose and Lip Masks by DDeathFlower

Six Non Default Paintable Paintings for The Easel by AOM

Clothing by Margie

Updated Teleport Any Sim Mod by Andrew

This mod, created by scumbumbo , allows you to summon or teleport any sim. It is very useful mod often used in conjunction with the pose player. It was completely broken by the 03/23/2017 patch, although some of its features were broken in earlier patches. I have updated it to work with the latest patch and fixed several errors related to this patch and earlier patches.

Sunrise Pants by Veranka

Lips by Tifa