Saturday, March 19, 2016

Jeans in 10 Colors for Females by Yuichen

Kayo Dining Set by Angela

Deep In Neck Hair for Females by Birksches

Embroidery Necklace by MerakiSims

Facial Overlays Less Smiling (1.15.55) by Shimrod101

A Facial Overlay animation CLIP file is used to create the Happy face with the constant smile when sims are happy, inspired, playful, and flirty. This mod replaces the overlay when sims are happy and inspired with the facial overlay used for confident and focused, which is more neutral. The playful and flirty states are left alone, so sims will still have the Happy face when in those states (emotions).

These facial overlays are used when sims are doing various activities like eating, playing guitar, using the computer, socializing with other sims, etc.; so the constant goofy smile when sims are in a good mood no longer exists, unless they are specifically in the playful or flirty mood.

The screenshot simply shows a sim in a happy mood without the smile.

TS3 Glitter and Glam Bedroom Conversion by SimsLikeItHot

Ankle Boots for Females by Veranka

Basic Underwear Recolors for Females by SoaringSparrows

Maxis Match Shoji Screen Remake by TKAngie

Mallorca Bedroom Set by pqsim4

Bathroom Set by Steffor

Nightcrawler Thunder Retexture by Dachs

Julia and Julie Hair for Females by BlogSimpleSimmer

Mirrored Nightstands by EnureSims

Short Beaded Dress by Trillyke

Newsea Hair Retexture for Females by TheSimWithoutAName

Alice Madness Returns: Terrains by Mimoto

Medium Flipped Hair for Females by Kiara24

Kid's Bedroom Recolors by LaLunaRossa

New Outfit for Females by Zauma