Friday, March 31, 2017

Bowling Night Stuff Hair Converted for Toddlers by Georgiaglm

Kawaii Cakes by JomSim

Oxygen Hair for Males and Females by Nightcrawler

5-Round Bowling by LittleMsSam

Bowling can take a very long time especially when you do it with friends. So this little tuning mod adds a new Option "5-Round Bowling" to the Bowling Lane Pie Menu.

Don't upload this mod on other sites without permission, thx

Checked with Game Version ><

What i added so far:

5-Round Bowling (default is 10 Rounds)

Like my "Playing Together Mod" this mod fills up the social needs. 

Tasty Decorative Food Set by Natatanec

Home Goods Set by Soloriya

Chlorine Outdoor Living Set by Wondymoon

Pearl Necklace by Renora Sims

Dita Von Teese Hair, Clothing and Shoes by Colores Urbanos

LIPSTICK n.2 – Viblisims Cosmetics Lab by ciaolatino38

Henna Tattoos by Annett

Longer Basketball Games by LittleMsSam

IKEA Paintings by Natatanec

These and more

Parker Hair for Males by Ade Darma

Whistler's Mother Poster by FemmeOnAMissionSims

Flirty Spouce (Angry Buff) - Reduced / Removed by KlingonDragon

This is a simple mod to alter a base game buff. If your sim's spouse were to flirt with another, your sim would get a +3 Angry buff.

This mod has 2 options:

Option 1: Less Angry
Reduces the Angry Buff from +3 to +1. (The Buff will still say +3 but it is only +1)
Sorry for the +3. I can't work out how to change it, and this is my first mod.

Option 2: Not Angry
Makes the Buff 0 and hides it.

Rugs by Saratella

Akumal Study by Xyra33

Supernova Accessory Top by KismetSims

Dita Hair Retexture by BlahberryPancake

Jeans Recolored by WildPixel

Cedar Door and Arches by Mutske