Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pump Up The Volume Music Room Set

Auto NPCs (Barista and Stall Vendor) by CinderelliMouse

It frustrates me that some objects in TS4 only auto-call NPCs on certain lots. I was so disappointed that City Living food stands would stand empty on park lots. 😦

Previously I was able to create mods to make it free to hire vendors, and bartenders and baristas. However, I still wished that the NPCs would auto-attend the lot because it breaks the immersion to have to keep calling them in manually. After MUCH playing around with the files, and many failed attempts, I was finally able to call some NPCs in to certain lots.

For the vendors, you can place multiple stalls on one lot but only one vendor will be auto hired. They seem to choose which stall to open at random. If you delete a stall, they will go and open another. The vendors will auto tend any type of stall though: food; tea; swag; produce.

The baristas and vendors are called to the lot in overlapping shifts, so you should see a new NPC arriving to replace the one that is leaving. The barista/vendor will be called even if you do not have a barista bar or stall on the lot.

No Clothes Change Animation by edwardecl

Giraffe Tea Set by Sandy

TS3 School Bus Conversion by Natatanec

T-Shirts by ReMaron

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W Motors Lykan HyperSport by LorySims

MJ95's Madlen Nikolis Boots (MALE)

Clothing Recolors by DeelitefulSimmer

Lutetium Bedroom Set by Wondymoon

Modern Christmas Trees by WaterWoman

Pauline Dining Set by Kardofe

Baking, home, gourmet cookin skills for kids and use them grill and cupcake machine. by necrodog

Hello! This mod unlocks the two cooking skills (Homestyle and Gourmet) for kids.

If you have Get to Work, the baking skill its unlocked for kids too.

Also. I modified some tunings and statemachines, so the kids can use the cupcakemachine and the grill.(I have problems making kids use the stove, so its unusable for them right now). The animations are a little off beacuse i reuse the adult animation until S4 tools could modify them but... Lets the kids cook!!

Linda Hair by Tsminh3

Rugs by RebelCreators

Poker Hair by Anto

Freeze Hair Clayified by SlytherSims

IKEA Wall Stickers by Natatanec

Lipstick by Officialmystickitty

Pixie Hair by Newsea


Take A Picture Poses by Juhhb

Face Tattoos by CloeSims