Monday, May 30, 2016

Plants and Stuff Garden Conversions by YumeSims

Anto Zooey Hair for Females

Kitchen and Dining Clutter by JenniSims

Pillow Talk After Woohoo (1.18) by Shimrod101

This mod shows five animations which were created for the game from the beginning, but which are not in use. The mod is not perfect as a gameplay mod, it's designed solely to show sims doing these actions. The main screenshot shows the Pillow Talk animation, the others shown below are Whisper Secret, Tickle, Kiss, and Snuggle Nuzzle.

At the end of woohoo there is an action called Big Finish, which is the bedsheets bouncing higher into the air, some extra noise and the fireworks. This mod replaces the Big Finish with these animations here, so the Big Finish will never be seen while this mod is installed. It is done this way not because I think this is an optimal way or a good way of doing things, it's simply because I figured out how to make it work okay by doing it this way, replacing the Big Finish animation CLIP files with these CLIP files.

Only one of the anims will play at the end of a woohoo, based on random choice between the five. All five are not playing in a row because I don't know at this current time how to write the JAZZ file to play them one after the other.

There is also no transition CLIP from the woohoo posture with the sims under the covers, to the reclining posture used here; so the sims move with extreme quickness of fast speed into the new posture. It's also the same way at the end of these anims, when sims go back under the covers and then are moved to the sleeping posture which is always used after woohoo.

Mono Kitchen Set by ForeverDesigns

Rebecca, Paprika and Evelyn Hair for Females by Teanmoon

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Nightcrawler Hair Retexture Dump for Males and Females by Amarathinee

Leather Jacket with Button Up Shirt Recolors by BethSims4Love

Redneck Outdoor Set and Midnight Snack Decor by Tinkle

Zooey Hair Retexture in 37 Colors for Females by HeartFall

Denim Skirt Converted for Girls by HyperGnomeSimblr

Modern Armchair by Miquel

Melodie Dress by BlogSimpleSimmer

Super Llama Man Kid's Bedroom Set by JorghaHaq

Lulu265's Gemini Bedroom

Blankets by NathaliaSims

Adidas Mini Collection for Kids by KiaraRawks

New York 13 Fly Sleeve Dress by JS Sims 4

Shirt Recolors for Males by GlamMoose

Wallpaper and Carpet Floors by Tatschu

Blue Lip Colors by Simliish