Friday, December 18, 2015

Winter Outdoor Decor by Severinka

Trapping Head Scarf Conversion by MonsterMadnessWorld

Shoes for Males by IMHO

Get Together DJ Booth in 39 Recolors by PixiePlumbobs

Faster Sim Spawning by weerbesu

This mod changes how fast Sims can be spawned on a lot. By default, the game waits 5 sim minutes after a Sim is spawned before spawning the next Sim. This causes Sims to take a long time to arrive in situations such as hosting a party with a large number of guests, or visiting a nightclub during peak hours. This mod changes this 5-minute cooldown period to 1 minute, allowing Sims to spawn much faster. It is especially useful if you use mods such as Longer Parties & More Guests, More Customers, and other mods that increase the number of Sims on a lot.

To install, unzip the file and place the ts4script file in your mods folder. Script mods need to be enabled for it to work.

This mod is compatible for version 1.13.104

This mod should not conflict unless you're using another mod that also changes how fast Sims can be spawned.

Newsea and Nightcrawler Retexture in 60 Colors by AveiraSims

Ransie Dress for Girls by Fuyaya

Shelf with 33 Slots and in 26 Colors by NullspaceNancy

Base Stone Wall and Cave Paintings by Manadarinarock

Freya Bedroom Set by Angela

Fallout 4 Computers by Veranka

Cool Librarian Top in 73 Colors for Females by StandardHeld

Winter Jacket for Boys and Girls by Inabadromance

Leah Dress in 10 Colors by Sentate

Gloves in 36 Colors by Grazeness

Scarf Recolors by LeeleeSims1

May Hair for Females by BoosterSims