Friday, December 9, 2016

Glassy Ceiling Lamp in 10 Colors by Mathcope

Vintage Glamour Decor Separated by BrazenLotus

Winter Accessories Set by Imadako

Silent Hill 2 Born To Wish Living Room Set - 25 New Meshes by Mimoto

Short Natural Curls Hair by Xelenn

Clothing and Scarf for Males by Ooobsooo

Hair Converted for Girls by BlogSimpleSimmer

Kids can use the stove scripts by necrodog

Hello! With this mod kids can use the stove and cook normally like other adult sim.

Note: The normal Homestylecooking recipes at this moment. Gourmet and Bake in the stove are locked for kids yet. Need more testing. Sorry for the incovenience.

You need to use this mod along with the unlocked cooking skills for childs and the stove scripts from my other thread.

Retro Hair Shorter by Birksches

Encyclopedias by Sandy

Watson Dining Set by Lulu265

Animated Steamy Street Storm Drain by Bakie

Vintage Glamour Rugs Resized and Recolored by Annett

Education Career by Neia

Add a new Education Career with three tracks : Teaching, Library, and Administration

Education - Common
Logic and Charisma

Level 1 : Cafeteria Monitor (40§/h, 160§/d)
Level 2 : Hall Monitor (44§/h, 308§/d)
Level 3 : Exam Proctor (57§/h, 399§/d)

Charisma, Logic and Writing
Confident and Focused

Level 4 : Teacher's Aide (71§/h, 497§/d)
Level 5 : Substitute Teacher (85§/h, 595§/d)
Level 6 : Elementary School Teacher (114§/h, 798§/d)
Level 7 : Middle School Teacher (150§/h, 1050§/d)
Level 8 : High School Teacher (186§/h, 1302§/d)
Level 9 : University Guest Lecturer (229§/h, 1603§/d)
Level 10 : Professor (286§/h, 2002§/d)
Level 11 : Academic Dean (343§/h, 2401§/d)

TS3 Wisteria Set and TSM Pirate Clutter Conversion by ZxTa

- 2 -

Lillie Dining Room Set by Severinka

Starfall Sweater by CitronTart

Pooklet Overhaul Updated for Vintage Glamour by SwirlGoodies

Rip Co. Little Baker Oven. Functional stove conversion by necrodog

Ines Dress by Laupipi

Queen Hair Retexture by PhaedraSims

Underwear Set by HeartFall

Cylindrical Hat by Wistfulpoltergeist

TS3 Haute Hip Wall Tree Light Conversion by BeautifulWorldSims