Monday, March 28, 2016

Linen Shirts for Males by MarvinSims

TS3 Monte Vista Set Conversions by SimsLikeItHot

Simple Toilet Stall Door by Menaceman44

Reagan Dress - Three Versions by BlogSimpleSimmer

Shoes by BEO

Lost Garden by Visty6

TS3 Ranch Roll-up Desk and Ranch Americana Desk Chair Conversions by NeoLunaSims

Vintage Rugs by Nikadema

Dolce Gabbana Floral SS 2016 Wedges by MrAntonieddu

Breakfast Clutter Set by Solny

Buns -n- Bangs Hair for Females by SarellaSims

Polygon Dining Table by LaLunaRossa

Panda Slippers for Males and Females by AnvoSims

Living Wall Planters by Teanmoon

Easier Easter Egg Collecting by Shimrod101

This mod makes collecting of the Easter Eggs go much much faster, because I've collected all the bluebells, all the fruits and veggies, dug loads and loads of rocks for the cool sparkly gems and metals; and now I'm supposed to spend 500 hours doing all of that one more time until I find all 12 eggs?

I think not, because been there done that and yada yada yada.

So this mod gives a 20 or 40 times higher chance of getting one of the eggs on any given click on the hidden egg clickies. This is approximate higher chance, I can't be bothered to do the math because I altered two different numbers and I can't say for sure exactly how these two numbers work together; I simply tested in the game and kept increasing these numbers until satisfied at the quickness of fast speed. It's possible to get one of the eggs on every other harvest or every third harvest or dig or whatever.

Also if your sim doesn't have that Collector trait, the two newer glowing eggs are twice as hard to get as all the others; I removed this bit, giving the same weighted chance to all eggs.

Lucky Farms Milk Bottles by Mimoto

Nightcrawler Sugar Hair Clayified by Kotcatmeow

Houses by Simplexes


Spring Braids Hair for Females by Kiara24

Nightcrawler Sugar Hair for Females

Rifle Paper Co. Framed Prints by StarlightDiner

TS3 Bedroom and More Conversions by MXIMS