Monday, January 25, 2016

Furnished Callahan's Pub & Cafe Mocha by Jenba

Prehistoric Sauna by HistoricalSimsLife

Simstopics Faster Retail Actions! by devilgurl

Compatibility: PC Version / Mac Version (January 7th Patch)

Tired of your sims taking too long to restock your store's merchandise or ringing out those customers? Well with this mod, it now only takes 5 sim minutes to do just that! Now you have more time to ring out more customers and restock your store faster!

Harvesting for Children by Plasticbox

Custom interactions + script that enable harvesting for children. They will use the generic Swipe animation for it, which is pretty similar to the harvesting one, except that it has a different sound and no prop.

Does not override anything so it should be pretty collision-safe. The script adds the interactions to the base game harvestable plants, plus the orange tree from this thread (not the lettuce, because that has its own harvesting interactions -- they are now available for children too, but you don't need this mod for that).

Zircon Modern Living Room by JomSims

Jubilee Frilly Romper in 15 Colors and 8 Patterns by NolanSims

Movie Hangout Hair in 30 Recolors by LittleCrisps

Decorative Handbags by JomSims

Straw Roof in 11 Colors by LaLunaRossa

Festive Reception Dining and Clutter by Natatanec

Eucalyptus Trees (Yeronga Collection) by Beefysim1

Stealthic Midsummer Night and Vivacity Hair Retexture by PorcelainWarehouse

Faux Zebra Rugs in 15 Colors by Objuct

Skinny Jeans for Females by NyGirl


Smaller BG Plants and Picture Frame Retexture by SynthSims

Star Wars - Decorative R2-D2 and C-3PO by JenniSims