Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Simple Bloc Living by JomSims

Beds, Desk, Chair, Curtains and End Table Recolors by Kitkat

Hamal Bedroom Set by Ronja

L'Escapade Jacket for Teen - Elder Males by Rope

Cleavage Detail Overlay by JS Sims 4

Shabby Chic Living Recolors and Wallpaper by Alelore

LumiaLover Sims Afro Redux for Females

New Trait: Diva by Mulattosims

This a trait that I converted from the Sims 3 Showtime to the Sims 4. I absolutely LOVED this trait because It really can describe your Sims in a variety of ways.
With this trait your Sim will:
- Your Sims Social Need will increase drastically.
- Typical Divas. They will not gain physical skills normally. Actually, you will rarely see them performing an athletic activity.
- These Sims can come off rude as well. So they won’t gain friendships normally.

Skysims 229 Hair for Females

End Table and Clock Recolors by Amamatite

MJ95's Madlen Regan Boots

Dresses by JenniSims


Emotion Themed Rooms: Aspire Family Home by Ruth Kay