Saturday, May 7, 2016

Candy Covered Kid's Room Set by Simcredible Designs

Gloomy Bangs Hair for Males by Kijiko

Sweaters for Males by Lugosi

TS3 Makeup Clutter Conversions by DreamTeamSims

Anto Surrender Hair for Females

Medieval Printing Press as a Computer by Historical Sims Life

Togo Living Room Set by Meinkatz Creations

Destroyed Jeans for Males and Females by Marigold


Picnic Table Recolors by Mabra

Anto Surrender Hair Retexture in 64 Colors by MissParaply

TS2 Let Them Play Sims Eyes Conversion by GarnetSims

Change Into Towel Everywhere (1.17.7) by Shimrod101

When exiting a shower at the Gym or the Spa Day venue, sims are wearing a towel for a few minutes before switching back to everyday clothing.

This mod adds that function to Residential and all other venue types. Also sims will be wearing the towel for around 30 minutes before switching to normal clothing.

Phoebe Dress by BlogSimpleSimmer

TS2 Plants Conversions by Daer0n

Cross Necklace by S-Club

Simlish Jam Jars and Canvas Bags by HomeLivingSims


Stardust Circus by EnuresSims