Monday, April 18, 2016

Wallpaper, Floors and TS2 Chair Conversion by GreenGirl100

Holiday Candles Recolored by LinaCherie

EA Buyable & Edible Food/Drinks - Get To Work Food by TreeLifeCreations

I took a little longer than I expected, but I believe then end result was worth it.

I present to you all the food items from Get To Work!!

It makes stocking up a store, cafe & “restaurant” a few second job.

**Please note these are NOT decor items (sims will eat them autonomously mid photo shoot)! If you want decor food items, please check out @budgie2budgie​ who has kindly converted all the sims food items into decor items.


- Total of 31 item of food objects, although many of these contain more than one type of food as different swatches, see my bread example above. When appraise I have added a set Topping interaction to allow you to decorate.

- They can all be found under Appliances -> Small Appliances (microwaves)

- Once placed in world these act like normal ingame food made by sims, they can eaten, put away, sold, etc.

Indigo Dining Set by Steffor

Wood Wallpaper by Tatschu

IKEA Dining Set and Decor by SimmerSoul

TS3 Dining Sideboard Conversion by Sims4Luxury

Moroccan Boucherouite Rugs by BubulleSugar

Lace Play Suit by JS Sims 4

Hats for Males by Lugosi

Spring Memories T-Shirt Recolors for Females by Maimouth

Kurosaki Hair for Males and Females by Karzalee

Mortar and Pestle by Mr S

Valerie Dress by Tangerine

Ade Darma Frostbyte Hair Clayified by HonestCCFinds

Perfect Plaid Outfit for Males by Mamalovesnuts

ButterflySims 179 Hair Clayified by WeepingSimmer

Vintage Spring Set by Alelore

Mauve Lipstick by Maccosimetics

Rugs by Melly

Heaxome Obrege - (Race: Betazoid)