Tuesday, August 18, 2015

DunkSim Donuts and Simskin Robbins Lot and Objects by OhMySims404

Demoiselle Top in 15 Styles for Teen - Elder Females by Rope

Stealthic Vivacity Hair for Females

Clutter Your World - 3 Desks, 28 New Slots and Mirrors in Motion by OM

Large and Small Drop Chandeliers by PearlStiches

Grunge Wall Decals by MelonPixels

Kiara24 Liberty Hair for Females

Functional Retail "Little Sprout" Seed Display by Menaceman44

This is a new seed display known as the Little Sprout Seed Display which functions as a planter allowing seeds to be purchased from it directly. Designed to fit in with a retail setting of a garden store or similar, this may also be used on home lots.

This is a brand new object that will allow Sims to purchase starter packs of seeds, just like the garden planters already in the game. They do not allow you to attempt to plant produce in them. That would be silly. You will receive a notification when seeds are purchased and they will be placed in the purchasing Sim's inventory as normal.

Carmen Living Room Set by PqSim4

Alesso Himiko Retexture by ClaudiaSharon

Thanks Dachs

Dark Under Eye Circles by Tifa

MTQ Armchair and Pillow Recolors by Ilona

Hair Recolor Dump by Dachs

Watch with Bracelets for Males & Females by Marigold