Sunday, April 24, 2016

Brick Kitchen Set, Clutter and More by Asylaraber02

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Thanks Adriana0989

TS3 Wall Desk Conversion by 13Pumpkin31

TS2 Tulips Conversion and Window Box Resized and Recolors by LinaCherie

The Easter Egg Hunt Continues (1.17.7) by Shimrod101

This mod re-enables the collecting of Easter Eggs when digging the rocks for gems and metals; sometimes the eggs will show up just as they did before.

The various files used for making the Collection and receiving the bunny in the mail haven't been altered in this recent patch, so all of this other stuff should still work the same way.

If one wants to find eggs as quickly as possible, my Easier Easter Egg Collecting mod can be used at the same time as this one.

Life in a Forest Sofa Recolors by Oldbox

Stealthic Genesis Hair Retexture for Males and Females by Amarathinee

Mesh Tank Top and Mesh Pants Recolors by SoaringSparrows

Prismatic Table Set in 25 Colors by ThePlumbobArchitect

TS2 Castaway Stories Poison Idol Dining Set and Sculpture by Biguglyhag

De-Striped Cardigan for Males by ParapluiesSims

Dining Clutter by Brazenlotus

Living Room and Decor by Steffor

Cozy Sweater for Girls by JosieSimblr

Chris by Chobits

Giambattista Valli Glitter Sandals by MrAntonieddu

Freakshow Dress by Snooderful

Raven and Leila Hair for Females by Genius

Halter Tank Tops by LaLunaRossa

Wood Floors by Tatschu

Bridesmaid Hair in 78 Recolors by SevenSims

Silk Vest for Females by Annett

Facial Hair by XldSims