Saturday, February 4, 2017

Archaeology Mod by Cinderellimouse

One of my Sims was an Indiana Jones type archaeologist and university professor in TS3. Although we can dig up fossils and things in TS4, I felt like I needed a bit of extra content to support my gameplay and so I made this small archaeology mod.

In the buy catalogue you will find a couple of new items under the knowledge tag. The main one is a rock similar to the existing fossil rock in the game. One difference is that this rock can be bought and carried in your inventory. This allows you to set up an archaeological dig site wherever you like.

When you click on this rock you will get the option to ‘uncover relics’. You will then get one of several new relic objects in your inventory. There is also a chance that this interaction will drop a rubble pile that you can sift through to uncover more relics.

Penthouse - No CC by Bangsain

IKEA Toddler Stuff and Basic Clutter + Updated Toy Boxes by Sandy

Evionski Office Set by JomSims

Eternal Night in Forgotten Hollow by TwistedMexi

Want to be able to roam your neighborhood at any hour without worry? After all, a vampire should be king of their domain. Go for a "snack" when you feel like with the eternal night mod for Forgotten Hollow!

This mod disables the sunlight from burning any vampires in Forgotten Hollow. There will still be a sunrise and sunset cycle but sunset starts immediately after the sunrise and does not affect any sims.

Bang Short Hair Converted for Kids by Dancergirlcb

DELL U2414H Monitor Computer and Clutter by MXIMS

Default and Non Default Eyes by Kijiko

CAS FullEditMode Always On by TwistedMexi

This mod is fairly straight-forward, it turns on cas.fulleditmode for you automatically so that you'll never have to enter fulleditmode before opening CAS. This saves you from having to re-enter it every time you travel, switch households, or return from CAS.

This pairs nicely with my Always TestingCheats True mod, which you can get from my cheat wiki or from MTS.

Simply open the download and copy the .ts4script file to your mods folder.
Once installed, just use cas as you would normally and the full edit mode will always be unlocked.

NOTE: If you haven't enabled script mods yet, you'll need to open your game and go to Options > Game Options > Other > Script Mods and make sure it's checked. Apply and restart your game.

Willow Creek Archive Makeover - No CC by Allisas

Clothing for Toddlers by JosieSimblr

Wallpaper and Floors by Oohbegahsims