Friday, September 4, 2015

Brick Wallpaper by Peacemaker ic

The Big Bang Theory Apartments by WaterWoman

Freckles by Simtzu

LindseyxSims Hanging Chair Recolors by Amiutza

Corner Cottage by Tacha75

Rhoads Guitar by VikingStormtrooper

Ditsy Trait by EnticingSims

Ditsy sims don’t have a lot going on upstairs. They learn things 50% slower than other sims, but because their vanity is their strong suit, they’re really good at maintaining their looks with 50% faster skill gain on athletics. They gain comedy and and charisma 50% quicker because we all have that ditzy friend who is the life of the party.

Don’t make them criminals though, anything that uses a brain…. stick to entertainer and athlete careers and it will be smooth sailing. Unless you like a challenge.

Their needs increase at the normal rate, but their fun and energy decrease 25% more and their social decreases 50% less.

LumiaLover Sims B-Cut Hair for Males

Crates Bed Frames by Veranka

Clothing, Makeup and Accessories for Females by JomSims

Alesso Anto Scream Hair for Males

Eros Skin for Males by 1000FormsofFear

Sports freak Trait, the Bro without Broing by Viktor86

The Sports freaks loves sports, both on television and being active in training, sees competition in anything and always wants to win. I mean, anything: not just sports, but he wants to beat others in chess and gaming as well. Actively sporting doesn't stop with swimming, jogging and using sports equipment either, the sportsfreaks likes to fish, too. It sounds logical that all these related skills (fitness,logic, gaming and fishing) are increased at a higher rate than average, with fitness at a much higher rate (1.5) than the rest, because that's the most important part. Although, the sports freak is mostly interested in the Incredible Sports Game over other games, due to the fact it's more related to his interests and preferences than some other games.

Being obsessed with sports, training and competition means less time for romance and dating, making it harder for these Sims to gain and maintain romantic relationships. Unlike friendships, they are easier to gain and stay stronger over a longer period of time, because of the common interests between these Sims. The needs infected sound pretty clear: fun increases and decays at the same rate as fitness skilling. Social is slightly more increased than other needs, both in decay and increasing.

Because it's basically a merger and comprehensive version of the bro and active traits, so the whims are related to these two traits plus playing chess, fishing, (online) gaming and other forms of competition, like the shoe horse throwing competition. But I excluded these silly broish interactions, because these are horribly childish and not suitable for teens and adults! It speaks for itself that energized is the default emotion for Sports freaks, with no blocked emotions.

Sweater Tee in 33 Swatches for Kids by StandardHeld

V Neck Tees and Plaid Button Up Shirts for Males by NyGirl

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Swimsuit for Females by Ulito4ka