Saturday, September 20, 2014

JSBoutique Hair 1 for Females in All EA Default Colors

Full Arched Default Eyebrows for Males by AJoeCustom

Quilted Jacket for Females by BEO

Round Glasses with Dark Lenses by Tamo

White Castle by SimsOnTheRope

Non Default Wedding Gowns by Marie

Stubble V2 by LumiaLoverSims

Get Town Population by mgomez

I've made this tiny little mod as a command I used whenever I was curious about my town's population. Type "getpopulation" and you'll get the number of people living across all of the worlds in The Sims 4.

Studded Denim Shirt for Women by Pixopon

Studded Skinny Jeans for Males by The77sims3

Violablu Long Hair 1 in 10 Colors

Accessory High-Waisted Jeans/Jeggings by 4EverSims

Lipstick by Tifa

New Houses by SIMple Realty

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