Saturday, July 25, 2015

H&M Shirts and Pants for Males by Sandy

Cheaper Baking Skill Books by WSims

As shown, the three volumes of baking skill books from The Sims 4: Get to Work cost a ridiculous $2500 each. This mod changes the prices of these books to $75, $150 and $250, in line with the other skill books in the game.

MintyOwls Ghosts Hair for Females

Greg Bedroom Set by Mango Sims

Shirts with Cardigan, Shirts with V-neck Vest, and Bow Tie Accessory by OhMySims404

Awesims Broyhill Nursery Set Conversion by LoreeSims4

Newcrest Mansion by ASimmersBlog

Skull O' Yorick by Motherof70

LexiconLuthor Girl Next Door Bun Hair for Females

Toilet Working as a Trash Bin and Bin Working as a Toilet (Tutorial item) by Bakie


Veranka Hemnes Bedroom Set in Raw Wood Recolors by Simsrocuted

Bold Statements Coffee and End Tables by LaLunaRossa

The Quiet Lotus Yoga & Meditation Studio by BLewis

Fewer Random Townies on Community Lots by weerbesu

This mod forces the game to use your own Sims to appear on community lots before using any of the randomly generated townies.

The mod works for nearly all siatuations, here are some examples:
Joggers/walkers in the neighbourhood
Service NPCs and visitors on the communtiy lot
Patients at the hospital
Witnesses at the crime scene
Customers at the retail shop
Visitors in Granite Falls

The mod works by assuming that all Sims that don't currently live in the world are randomly generated townies.
Sims living in unplayed households will also appear on community lots less often than Sims from played households.

Au Naturale Boxers for Males by Baufive

Clothing for Females by Sentate