Thursday, January 26, 2017

Updated - All Beds Separated by BrazenLotus

Functional Toddler Bunk Bed Frame and Zero Footprint Mattress by PixleDreamWorld

Big Round Festive Dining Tables for The Sims 4 (6-8 seats) by Dara

Plants by K-Hippie

Yui Hair by KotCatMeow

Classic Toddler Bed Frame and Mattress Recolors by MelonPixels

Space Blanket Toddler Bed Frame and Mattress by Allisas

Vampire Pack Objects Separated by BrazenLotus

VAMPIRES - Drink All You Want! by Tanja1986

Ever wanted to throw a party for your whole vampire household and invited one or 2 sims over to drink from?

Then you know the pain if you have more then 2 vampires who are hungry and cannot feed on that invited sim, because he/she was already bitten and drained from their plasma. Well this has been lifted. Now you can create your very own The Vampire Diaries drinking sprees, let the ripper come out and play a little bit with the prey! But be careful, it is not tested yet if excessive drinking can kill sims! Because if you drain them and they have low levels in their emotions, they may die. Which would be a "good" thing for deviant players!

Let the prey begin!

Mold-ed Baseboard Wallpaper by Amoebae

TS3 Yeezy Boost 350 Sneakers Conversion for Toddlers by DreamTeamSims

Urban Park Stuff Set by Gatochwegchristel