Sunday, September 20, 2015

TS3 Ranch Gothic Conversion Set by IcySpicyScalpel

Multi Colored Embroidered Dresses by BEO

Top and Jeans for Males by Rusty Nail

Classic Modern Sofa, Coffee Table and Lamp by DalaiLama at TheSimsLover

Sweet Ice Cream Shop and Object Recolors by Ruby Red

Nostalgia Shirt in 65 Colors for Teen - Elder Females by Aveirasims

TS3 Luna Sims Decorative Blowing Leaves Conversion by LindseyxSims

Cross Stud High Top Sneakers for Males & Females by Marigold

Alesso Anto Galaxy Hair for Females

Long Sleeve Striped Mini Dress in 27 Colors by NyGirl

Custom CAS Trait: Brilliant
It’s sometimes unknown as to why sims with a bigger brain meet the undesirable wall of bullying, but pointing and laughing at this guy studying at all those Llamacorns home games might make one feel silly now. This fellow has excelled in life and is climbing to new heights every moment-even space! From chess to space travel, he can do it all and it comes naturally, like any genius.

There are geniuses and then there are brilliant sims. Sims with high intellect may only desire to use their knowledge to conquer others in games such as cards or chess or take their brainpower to the sky and the study stars. There is no limitation to these sims as they advance into becoming amazing botanists and programmers and hackers. The next time you cannot decide how to get around that plate blocking the door to the bathroom, give him a call. He’ll probably know what to do.

Brilliant Sims:

Are Focused by default (+1)
Can never be Dazed
Need Decay
Energy need decays 15% slower
Skill Gains
Learn the Logic skill 100% faster
This includes Child Mental
Learn the Gardening skill 35% faster
Learn the Rocket Science skill 35% faster
Learn the Programming skill 25% faster
Learn the Handiness skill 20% faster
Learn the Charisma skill 5% faster
This change is minuscule but effective

Earrings by XPureSim

Top Knot Hair for Females by Birksches