Sunday, June 14, 2015

Water Color Artist Set by Imadako

Amelia Laundry Set by Lunararc

Game Night Tables by SimDoughnut

No More Same Sims Everywhere by Neia

This mod modifies the function that picks the Sims who will appear at venues, shops, in public spaces, etc to make it more random, thus preventing the same Sims to appear everywhere.

Technical details
When picking Sims to populate the public area, the game calculates a score to determine how close they are to the criteria given, then does a weighted random based on those scores, but only for the top results (5 by default), resulting in the same Sims appearing each time if the criteria are the same. This mod shuffles the list of Sims before doing the weighted random, so the top results are still the best score, but in a random order.

Civil War Fashion for Teen - Elder Females by Kiara24

Short Overalls for Teen - Elder Females by Amylet

Updated - All Around The Sims Objects Fixed and Now Compatible with the Design Tool

Packing Crates for TS4 by scumbumbo

Kiara24 Long Wavy Without Bangs Hair & KiwiSims Oooh Sideswept Banging Bangs Hair in NikSim Colors

Alesso Runway Hair for Females

Lemon Kids Bedroom Set by JomSims

Decorative Playground Set by LeanderBelgraves

Espresso Coffee Machine by Kresten 22

Wallpaper, Paintings and Polaroids by Scandi Decor

Wallpaper by Mabra