Monday, October 13, 2014

Accessory Layered Shirt for Teen - Elder Males by NewOne

Wallpaper by WoohooJuiceSimoleons

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Knitted Cardigans for Adult Females by Beatris

Lipstick by Carl

TS3 to TS4 Seasons Puffball Hat by Pickypikachu

Texture overrides: PJsCropped by plasticbox

Wallpaper by Paperjunkcc

Simaniacos Penelope Hair for Females

S-Club WM thesims4 Eyebrows M02

Bathrobes and Slippers for Males by Amamatite

1 - 2

Tile Walls with Shell Trim by ERae013

Sea Wood Wallpaper by RuriSims

Natural Hair Recolors by BustedPixels

1 - 2

Hello Kitty Wallpaper by Violablu

Featureless “Featureless Fiberglass Doors” (aka toilet doors) by plasticbox

10 Zipped Hoodie Recolors by The Simsperience