Thursday, October 15, 2015

Large Plants and Pots by Mutske - TSR

Tire Swing by EditSim

Office Time Set by Simcredible Designs

Nightcrawler Lydia Hair Edit and Retexture for Males & Females by DDeathFlower

Anye's Industrial Chic Living Recolors by Ilona

TS3 Island Paradise Swimwear Conversion and Mickey Mouse Set for Males by David Veiga

Newsea Ivory Tower Hair Retexture in 60 Colors by Aveira

Bubble Tiles - Bathroom Walls & Floors by Veranka

Misc Conversions VI by MioSims

Furniture Recolors by Ilona

Maxis Match Hair Retexture for Females by BlindingEchoes

Mood Circle by Saptarshi

 Tested with Base Game v.
Made initially for personal use, but thought I might share.

 Object information:
A pack of circular wall stickers, that work like emotional paintings.
Live-draggable. Storable in inventory and toybox.
You can view* them too, but viewing Bored/Embarrassed/Tense will not grant you additional moodlets.
Uncomfortable / Dazed / Asleep not included.
(*Use "View Angry/Sad/... Work" options, and NOT the normal "View" option)

 Category: Decorations > Paintings & Posters (§1)