Monday, May 25, 2015

Glitz and Glimmer Reflective Floors by Brujah

You want your floors to sparkle and now you can! Mirror like reflection, glossy and pristine! The Glitz and Glimmer Floor Company has brought you multiple sizes and shapes of floor coverings to make your rooms SHINE!

11 different shapes and sizes:
1x1 square, 2 1x1 triangles, 2x2 square, 2 2x2 triangles, 4x4 square, 2 4x4 triangles, and 2 4x1 rectangles

Since TS4 doesn't have CAST I have created several sets of textures. These are not recolorable as is. If you are looking for another type of texture please ask me to recolor it in a PM.

Set 1: 6 colors of checkered floors converted from MisterS

Set 2: 8 colors of wood planks using the floor texture that came with the Outdoor Living game pack Granite Falls Wood

Set 3: 8 colors of marble/granite

A few more shots from my game 

New Houses - No CC by Fake Houses Real Awesome

Working Medicine Cabinets by scumbumbo

This mod adds a "Take Medicine" interaction to the game's bathroom medicine and sink cabinets. The sim will purchase the medicine for the regular 50 simoleons and take it immediately. For safety reasons, children will be unable to take medicine from the cabinet unless they are actually ill, and the standard timeout for teen and older sims will also prevent any accidental overdoses.

Sintiklia Still Into You Hair for Females

Gym Accessory Bag and Decor by Inabadromance

Blushing Bride Wedding Dress by NolanSims

Oval Frames by NewOne

PlayStation 4 - New Mesh by Sim4Fun

Vivian Necklace by Severinka

Nautical T-Shirts & Belted Chino Shorts for Males by MarvinSims

Japanese Festival Set Part 2 by Noiranddarksims

2 Plants - 10 Recolours - Greenies - volume 1 & 2 by Blackgryffin