Monday, August 24, 2015

Metropolitan Dining Set by KiaraRawks

Hermione Cottage - No CC by Jenba

Cozy Rustic Sauna by Severinka

Benjamin Bedroom Set Pt. 1 by Veranka

Functional Folded Clothes Dresser by GrilledCheeseAspiration

Maxis Makeup Makeover Kit by Ameranthe

Spa Day (GP) Waterfall override by 0-Positiv

Why did I write this mod?
I wanted to build a swimming pool with indoor and outdoor seating, a waterfall should serve as a passage.
For this purpose, I wanted to use one of the Spa waterfalls, unfortunately could not swim through the waterfall my Sim.

What makes the mod?
the Mod crosses a waterfall with a small water turtle ;-), more specifically, the waterfall gets the footprint of the turtle (1x Slot).
The mod is available separately for all three Spa waterfalls of the construction menu category "fountain", the original waterfalls are overwritten in all color variations.
I have not figured out how the restrictions for placing the waterfalls is canceled "only in Fountain", for this reason the Cheat is in version 1.0 bb.moveobjects needed.

MJ95's Madlen Volga Shoes

TS3 Air Conditioning Unit Conversion by Lindsey

Kitchen Sink by SimsSafari

Birksches Blondie Hair for Females

Indoor/Outdoor Dining Table by LaLunaRossa

Fro Pack (Male Edition) by Orangesimosas

Cloning Machine: Success Rate and Put Item In Inventory by mysadnessday

Draggable item: Hit 'Clone' - Waiting - Fail/Success - DRAG ITEM OUT - Put it in inventory - Repeat
Non draggable item: Hit 'Clone' - Waiting - Success - TO BUILD MODE - Put it in inventory - TO LIVE MODE - Repeat

I got tired of these process so I create a small mod that increase the base success chance and put the item in sim's inventory/household inventory when it done.
Now just :
Hit 'Clone' - Waiting - Fail/Success - Repeat (you can queue action now)

There have 3 file:
- 50% base success rate (default base success rate), up to 70% depending on several cases.
- 90% base success rate, up to >100% depending on several cases.
- 100% base success rate.

Russian Cabin by Frau Engel

TeaCakeSims Ophelia Hair & Ribbon for Females

Mustache Collection by UntraditionalNerd

Paintings and Wallpaper by Weeberry


Paintings by Ilona