Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wondymoon's Molybdenum Bedroom

Restored Weathered Wonder Dresser in YUMMY by Siletka

Dress Recolors by DeelitefulSimmer

Party Anywhere by Weerbesu

This mod allows you to throw parties at any lots in TS4. This includes:

Lots of any venue type (including any custom venue types you have)
Residential lots owned by Sims that are not part of the party
Career lots (Willow Creek Hospital, Police Station, FutureSim Labs)
Hidden lots (Sylvan Glades, Forgotten Grotto, Hermit's House, Sixam)

The mod works for all party types.
Note that in order to throw a party in Granite Falls, you need to be already in Granite Falls first.

Accessory Winter Coats for Females by Marigold


Sintiklia Rihanna Hair for Females

New Mods, Hollyhocks and Christmas Decor

- adds 7 new food choices to order at the bar: Quinoa Salad (Single), Camper´s Stew (Single), Steak (Single), Grilled Chicken (Single), Fish Tacos (Group), Chips Salsa (Group), Ceviche and Chips (Group)

- requires Get Together, Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat and Luxury Party Stuff Pack

- adds 25 new food choices to order at the cafe

Clothing, Rugs, Roof Recolors and More at All4Sims

Medieval Wall Swords by SrslySims

Snowy Outdoor Set by Helen

Nightcrawler Galaxy Hair for Females

Detailed Feet for Females by UntradtionalNerd

Wedding Dress 06 by BEO

Long Flared Skirt by Marigold

Fluffy Rugs by Annett

Accessory Big Buns Clayified by ParapluiesSims

Lullaby Top in 70 Recolors by StandardHeld