Friday, September 30, 2016

Repeating Placement Plants by Madhox

TS2 Stalker Set Conversion by Mimoto and Granny Zaza

This set includes 70 items: campfire, 3 boat, 2 broken fence, bus stop, 15 stalker models, 7 corpses, 5 monsters, 7 trees, grass, high grass, big bush, 2 pipes, mattress, train, railway, 2 trucks, monument, bucket, wall decor, kettle, 5 containers, crow, 2 contractions, column, gun, 2 cases, car, caravan, carpet

Fairy Hair by S-Club

Invisible Toilet - Only for men by Bakie

Design House Stockholm Nest Sofa & Easy Chair by Minc78

Mucho Modern Display Shaves with Slots by OM

Bunch of Botanicals Wallpaper by KiaraRawks

Judy's Half Braids Hair by Birksches

Crop Top and Skirt in 24 Recolors by DeelitefulSimmer

In Building Living by JomSims

Lovelution Hair for Girls by Newsea


Lace Bra by SerenityCC

Jeans in 24 Recolors by Pixielated

Dress in 30 Recolors by FireHeartSims

Plain Painted Wallpaper with White Baseboard by SimsFanForevermore

Zombie Apocalypse PosePack by Simduction

Calligraphik Living by Pilar

Metallic Earrings by Taty86

Facial Hair for Females by DeelitefulSimmer

Dress and Flowers Conversion for Girls by Kiara24