Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Amusement Park and Objects by JomSims

Bradford Elementary School by Inabadromance

BuffSumm's Dining Narissa

Prep Short in 40 Colors for Teen - Elder Males by Dvoraks

Chiffon Skirts by Marigold

MJ95's Madlen Umbria Shoes

Absolut Vodka Bottles by BlackLe

High Waisted Crop Pants, Satin Blouse and Petal Heels with Contrast by Ameranthe

Collage Frames by SimSons

Alien Abductions & Female Pregnancies by Tanja1986

The Satellite can now be used repeatedly. (That means even if you contacted Aliens, the function will not turn off for 24 hours.)

WARNING: Make sure not to contact Aliens if Alien visitors are already at your home! This will force the game to create new NPC aliens and this will replace certain NPC's around the world! Remember I warned you!

* The satellite will stay active and you can contact the Aliens more than once.
* The duration for the "Contact Aliens" interaction is now set to almost forever. You do not need to contact Aliens everyday. It will stay active! If you get your Sim abducted the first time, it should not take long for any other sim in this save file to get abducted as well!
* Females can now be impregnated by Alien abductions!
* Males will become pregnant as well.

TS3 Gosik Sharto Dining Set Conversion by LindseyXSims

Heart Pillows by VvianSims

Skirt and Dress by NyGirl

Box Chair by Roundog

Wedding Bouquet by BEO

Beach Themed Curtains by SunshineAndRosesCC

Candle Recolors by SimPixus

TS3 Flamingo Sculpture Conversion by Shenice93