Sunday, December 28, 2014

Feel That Fabric Sofa Set by Peacemaker ic

NotEgain Charm Hair for Males & Females

Warm Winds Oasis by SimEve

Retro Ruffle Blouses by Vonndasun

Base Game Book Recolors by Inabadromance

Maxis Match High-Waist Denim Shorts for Teen - Elder Females by Pickypikachu

David Sims Poker Face Hair for Females

City in Motion Paintings by Tukete

No Losing Kids To Bad Grades by DrChillgood

School in TS4 is nothing but a time sink. No friends, no skills, just busywork. Why bother?

Oh yeah - the evil Sim Social Services will swoop in and "rescue" the kid. By rescue, they really mean kill - it is really a death interaction and sets the death type to Neglect, which doesn't even leave a ghost.

Statistic Instance 18282 Child Neglect is how they determine when to destroy your kid. I have removed the actions so it should no longer call the "rescue" routine.

Fight the good fight against Sim Social Services! Download my Kids Can Die Of Anything so the poor kid can at least leave a ghost!

Retro Sofa 1970 by Lucidrayne

Bonnie Dresses by Bukovka

Bartender Trait by Sims4Ti

Seaside Manor Apartments by Jenba