Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hair N11 and Clips by S-Club

Madaez Bedroom Set by JomSims

Mini Fridge Recolors by Mabra

Woodland Animal Children’s Bedroom Collection by Merry Sims

Mansion Panels - Part 01 by TheJim07

Lumina Technica Wall Lamp with Slots by StandardHeld

TS3 Sofa and Table Conversion by Annett

Single Mattresses by Merry Sims

Bow 'n' Buttons Dress by HyperGnomeSimblr

Sweatshirts and Tank Tops by KChanSims

- 2 -

Apple Lamp Set by DOT

Wallpaper by Alelore

Eyes by Sims3Melancholic

Pauline Kitchen Set by Kardofe

Louise Hair by WildPixel

Modern Space Saving Desk by Hazardous Surf

Business As Usual Jacket by Annabellee25

Mia Hair by Sintiklia