Friday, August 28, 2015

Industrial Dining Set by Dean

Hudsovo GTV-Series 1500 Desktop by HudsonGTV

Nightcrawler Invisible Light Hair for Females

MJ95's Madlen Doha Shoes

Store Ice Cream Trays In The Fridge by Crazyspaniard

pretty self explanitory, not sure why EA didn't include this from the start as it was an easy fix for my first upload. you can't set the garnish when the tray is in the fridge but any garnish set outside the fridge will remain. obviously requires the kitchen stuff pack but that's not an option on this site yet

Pixel Carpet by Fuyaya

Tile Wallpaper and Floors by Mara45123

XML Extractor for The Sims 4 by scumbumbo


This is a utility program to extract the game's XML files for use in creating mods. XML can be extracted from the installed game packages or a single combined tuning file. The program can also easily be used to extract a single binary tuning file from the game packages and convert that to a combined XML tuning file.

The program is designed to perform these functions quickly by only loading those parts of the game packages that are required for producing the XML and looking ahead to quickly build required lookup tables.

When extracting the XML in Full Automatic mode (the recommended and default mode) the game's strings and references to other XML resource names can be included in comments. This feature is not available when working with a single combined tuning file.

Also in Full Automatic, the program can optionally output two tab delimited text files with all strings and XML resource names. This file is suitable for opening in a spreadsheet package for easy searching.

Deb - 18 Non-Default and Contact Eye Colours by kellyhb5

Custom CAS Trait: Green Thumb by DrewShivers

Long hours, the sun’s relentless rays and the insects are common aspects of nature that many detest, except for her. You’ve been out of the house several times today for lengthy periods of time and each return home greets you with the sight of her. How could she still be outside in this heat? Aren’t the bugs a problem? With only a glass of lemonade and the proud sweat on her brow, she continues to do what she loves best, nurturing nature and perfecting her garden.

Green thumbs are known for their love of nature and desire to grow, harvest, plant and perfect plants of all types. Flowers,produce and trees are not impossible feats for this sim. Not only do they tend to their creations, some even spend their time in the garden socializing with them. It’s said that talking to your plants will induce growth, but if you find this sim naming every bud and inviting them to social events, perhaps you should find a new neighborhood.

Green Thumbs:

Are Focused by default (+2)
Can never be Dazed
Bladder need decays 10% slower
Social need decays 20% slower and replenishes 20% faster
Energy need decays 20% slower
Learn the Gardening skill 100% faster
Learn the Logic skill 20% faster
Learn the Fishing skill 25% faster
Learn the Homestyle cooking skill 30% faster
Learn the Gourmet and Baking(Get to Work owners only) skills 25% faster
Learn the Charisma skill 10% faster
Autonomy includes that of the Loves Outdoors trait and the Focused Emotion
Whims include that of any gardening desire from planting and spraying to harvesting and more, basic friendship and romantic interactions, cooking and preparing meals, baking (GTW owners), and becoming Focused.

Decorative Spiral Staircase by Lindsey

Big and Small Pearl Earrings in 45 Colors by StandardHeld

Alesso Anto Omen Hair Retexture by BrittanyHowell

Stirrup Tight in 72 Colors by UberSims

City Skyline Backdrop REMOVER (Override) by Bakie

Necklace Recolors by Amamatite

City Color Skyline by Lovelydia101

The Windshield Wash Station by Tinkle

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Posters by MarvinSims