Sunday, February 12, 2017

Rundown Kitchen Set by RenoraSims

Vixen Hair Edit by DeelitefulSimmer

TSM Peasant Bed Converted for Toddlers by ZxTa

Infinity Rug by Allisas

TS3 Castaway Furniture Conversions by Annett

Volkswagen Van by Slox

Lipstick by KotCatMeow

Free Vampire Perks by ddplace

This is a Override Mod that makes all Vampire Power Perks free.

If you want your Vamp to have all the Vampire Powers without endless study now they can, with this mod. I changed the points needed to cost zero points.
You still need to level up your Vampire to the five different levels to have all of the Power available at zero cost. Enjoy those stronger Vamps!

This mod uses all of the Vampire Perk XML files. So it should not conflict with the other Vampire Mods unless it uses Vampire Perk XML's.

I have all EP SP packs but it should work with Base game and the Vampire Pack if that is all you have.

Valentine Decor by LunaticaVillage

Valentine Wallpaper by Tatschu

Ombre Hair Updates by AveiraSims

Plain Jane Tee Recolors by UnflirtyPlumbob

Maxis Match Shoes Recolored by ThisIsSimtastic

2 - 3

Retro Modular House by Tanitas8

Wings Hair Clayified by SlytherSim

Callisto Hair by KismetSims

Valentine's Top by EenhoornSims

Apartment - No CC by Bangsain