Monday, February 2, 2015

Tied Tee Accessory for Teen - Elder Females

Decorative Food Recolors and Paintings by Inabadromance

Butterflysims 092 Hair for Females


Bucket Hat for Males & Females by JoolsSimming

Accessory Glasses by NewOne

Bed Recolors by Augusim

Trendy Nail Polish by Verankas4cc

Long Sleeve Crop Tops for Teen & Adult Females by JS Sims 4

Shirts for Females by EnjoyVoid

Candy Coated Candles by LoveratSims4

Bartending & Bars Revamp by Shimrod101

This mod fixes the issue with bartenders not serving drinks; drinks will be served normally most of the time. It may still occur on occasion that a bartender will crap out and not serve the drinks from the shaker and walk away; I've seen this when the bartender has ended their shift and is being swapped with the new bartender.

Ability of the bartender to Practice Making Drinks and Practice Bar Tricks is turned off. These were interfering with the making of real drinks and serving the customers. Your active sim tending bar can still do these from the pie menu.

The bartender sometimes does socializing routines called One Liner and Tell Story. These are given a much longer 'lock-out time' of approximately one hour, so the bartender will need to wait before doing them; they were also interfering with the making of actual drinks for the customers.

Toy Box Recolors by Alelore

Decorative Phones by Ensimique

Cut Eyebrows by LumiaLover Sims

Gustav Klimt, Vincent Van Gogh and William Blake Paintings by ironleo78

Snapbacks for Boys and Girls by DearDaisySims

Base Game Compatible Outdoor Retreat Clothing and Hats by JenniSims

Aztec Woods Wallpaper by Worldoflunatriix

Paintings by IMHO

Alesso Rocket Hair for Females