Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Park Place Living Room Set by Lulu265

Updated TS3 Carolina Kitchen Set Conversion by SanoySims

Braided Hairs by SimplifiedSimi

NYC Window by OwlPlumbob

Color Lover Dress by Trillyke

Simlish Vampire Emergency Plasma Bottles

TS3 Decor Conversions by KittenStreet

Sims 4 Studio (Harmony) updates for Vampires

Studio (Harmony) is updated for the Vampire Game Pack that came out earlier today.

Sims 4 Studio (Appletini) for Mac updates for Vampires

Sims 4 Studio: Harmony

The new Sims 4 Studio beta is up and it is updated for Vintage Glamour.

There are a lot of fixes addressing issues reported in the bug thread. Among the issues is (hopefully) a fix for the bug that causes Swedish to show up even if your game isn’t in Swedish. Objects with an alpha will now appear with an alpha in the model viewer, and the Warehouse bug that caused problems importing new resources is now squashed. Image swatches and color swatches no longer require the use of a radio button to flip between them.

Sims 4 Studio Appletini (

Studio’s Mac version now has a CAS mesh import/export feature and can merge .packages among other new things. It is updated through the latest EA patch and includes City Living and Vintage Glamour items.

Sims 4 Studio: Jackpot & Harmony update for the Dec 1 patch

Harmony ( and Jack ( are updated. Harmony also has an auto-resize wall image feature added to the Studio tab.

Mac users, a new Mac version should be ready sometime this weekend, and it will contain an update for the patch.


Sims 4 Studio (Harmony)

Another update with fixes and some features you may not know about.

First the features. The CAS model viewer window can be resized to maximize the swatch thumbnail box width. Also, an “Apply to all swatches” has been added for CAS mesh Outfit Type. That feature will be added to My CC in the near future as well so everyone will be able to re-cat items easily.


Sims 4 Studio (Harmony)
Sims 4 Studio updates today with a Windows version that begins to reconcile the code of Appleseed (Mac) and Jackpot (Windows) and is compatible with Blender 2.78. The process required ditching a MFT of legacy code from the Windows version, so a lot of Studio has been rewritten, indicated by the jump from v 2 to v 3. Read the complete changelog in the download post. For the highlights, read on.
The result is a better CAS interface, among other things. Because of the magnitude of code changes, this is a somewhat alpha-y beta, but it has some great features and will make the addition of more new features for both versions of Studio less time-consuming in the long run. Lest the Mac creators are concerned, this reconciliation is our commitment to a Sims 4 Studio for Windows and Mac. More is coming for Mac (CAS mesh export-import is next).


Sims 4 Studio updates for City Living

The new version of Sims 4 Studio (Jackpot) updated for City Living is available HERE.

The Mac version (Appleseed) update will be available ASAP. As this update will include more than just changes for City Living, it will take a bit longer than the Windows version.


Introducing Sims 4 Studio for Mac: Appleseed

It’s HERE! It’s been a long time coming, and we’re really excited to bring a Mac CC tool to the Sims 4 community. This is a versatile tool for making custom content for Sims 4, and batch-fixing your Sims 4 custom content. As those familiar with Sims 4 Studio will note, the Mac version does not have all the features of the Windows version. If there is interest in the Mac version, more features will be added over time.

Hi all, today’s patch caused many CC lamps to stop placing in the game properly (they cause a script-call failure), and Studio’s latest update contains a batch-fix that will repair them.

It may be that EA will fix the problem on their end but until they do, or if they don’t, you can have working lamps using this batch-fix. If you fix your lamps this will not cause them any harm in the event that EA backs out changes that caused them to break.
New lamps cloned from patched games will not be affected by the patch-breakage nor will they need to be batch-fixed.

Download Studio HERE.


Studio update for Kid’s Room Stuff
The latest version of Studio,, is up and offers access to all the Kid’s Room Stuff. Download it HERE.

It also has a batch fixer for CC single beds so they can conceal a monster just like the EA beds do. This batch fix will not affect double beds, and it should leave correctly made decorative split single bed frames alone as well. This is to say a CC bed must have both single bed tuning and bed tagging in order to get fixed so a monster will move in.


Hey all, Studio updates today with more improvements/fixes for the Dine Out patch and game pack. Many will be pleased to hear that it includes a batch fix for chairs and tables to make your CC work in restaurants. It will add the right tag for chairs and the placemat and booth slots for tables (while retaining the original slots).

Studio updates tonight with the ability to slot counters! Download our base game counter slot mod HERE

EA's counters are really cute but they, like most of EA's items, suffer from a severe lack of slots.  This mod will fix that problem for all base game counters.  You can clutter your counters as much as you want with hundreds of slots on each counter type.  Sinks and dishwashers will still work and Sims can still use uncluttered counters. 

Clutter will stop the Sims from using the counter if you clutter up their work-space and clutter will make it not possible to move a cluttered counter from a space that isn't against the wall to a space that is against the wall when MOO is off.  If MOO is on the counter will move but any clutter that would be embedded in the wall will be deleted by the game.

Another issue with EA's counters is that they don't let you rotate appliances and there are no appliance slots on some of the counters.  This mod fixes those problems too.  It puts an appliance slot on every counter type and unlocks all appliance slots so they will allow you to rotate most appliances as you want.  Sims will still use the appliances you put on counter space where it never fit before.

There is a large slot on almost every counter type and there are medium slots on all counter types.  In all this mod has so many slots that we didn't count them all.  Basically your counters turn into one gigantic slot surface that you can place tons of stuff on however you want it placed...remember if you want your Sims to use the counter you have to leave an open space where they can put things.  We hope you will enjoy this mod...the download is below the picture credits.

Updated Pearly Whites - Now for Toddlers by HellFrozeOver

De-Chained Bang Long Hair Edit by MissBunnyGummy

TS3 Dressers Converted by HoshiSim

Hugon Castle by SimsDelsWorld

Pooklet'd Hair Retextures by Mertiuza

Overalls Dress for Toddlers by Fuyaya

Space Buns Hair by Georgiaglm

Vans in 18 Recolors by BLewis

Rosa Corona Hair Edit by WeepingSimmer

Hair with Band for Toddlers by Birksches

Babydoll Dress by Annabellee25

Hair, Clothing and Shoes Converted for Toddlers