Monday, July 20, 2015

Lamda Lamda Lamba Fraternity House by SimDoughnut

Nightcrawler Edge Hair for Females

Walk Normal - Unwanted Walk Styles Disabled by Simsical Creations

This mod will disable most unwanted walk styles in the game. I know Shimrod has one of these, this one is slightly different though. Mine you can mix and match the ones you want. The Pee walk I did replace with Jog, I liked that so thanks to Shimrod for that idea. The rest, however I didn't replace with any other walks, they will just walk normally. I've also added the Patient Walk that you see if you're a Doctor in the Get to Work expansion. The ones that are selectable in CAS you will see (Snooty, Perky, etc), however once in game they will be disabled.

**Versions (Mix and Match what you want)**

Simsical_NoSnootyWalk - No more Snooty Walks
Simsical_NoSluggishWalk - No more Sluggish Walks (aka Sleepy Walk)
Simsical_NoPeeWalk - No more Pee Walks (Replaced with Jog)

Simsical_NoAngryWalk - No more Angry Walks
Simsical_NoPerkyWalk - No more Perky Walks
Simsical_NoGoofyWalk - No more Goofy Walks

Simsical_ALLWalksDisabled - All of the above included in ONE package (does NOT include the NoPatientWalk below). Do NOT install this with any of the versions above!!!

Simsical_NoPatientWalk_GTW - No more sluggy Patient Walks

If you would like any other walk styles disabled, please feel free to request in this post.

Compatibility - When a new update releases please check the Mod Compatibility Status page for complete status compatibility on this and all mods on this site.

Layering Tops for Females by Marigold

TS2 Billyjean and Nemestnaya Lemonade Stand Conversions by LoreeSims4

Ornate Tile Floors by SimsAlachie

Wavy Boy's Hair Edited and Converted for Teen - Elder Males by Faalq

Mattress and Pillows Recolors by SimplySplendid

Wallpaper by OhMySims404

JomSims Invents Living Room Set

House of Beauty Lips by GDSims

Skysims 269 Hair Retexture by S4Models

Butterfly Top by plasticbox

Vintage Dining Table, Chairs and End Table Recolors by HouseOfRoth

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Butterflysims 151 Hair for Females